Plan Us, a corridor for diversity

The Plan Nous, or Plan Us in English, is a twinning program between communities in northern and southern Quebec, which allows selected ambassadors to showcase the biodiversity specific to each of their territories through a competition.

Human corridors for diversity

Northern and southern Quebec, two territories separated by thousands of kilometers with unique realities, are opening up to an unprecedented meeting thanks to the Plan Us.

Conceived by SNAP Quebec, the Plan Us is a twinning program that allows ambassadors to bridge the distance between them each year to discover each other's culture: landscapes, traditions, fauna, flora, and the challenges they face.

Indeed, the Plan Us aims to build connections and create human corridors through the meeting of representatives from communities located at opposite ends of the Quebec territory.

This unique project aims to showcase the richness of our landscapes and promote the biocultural diversity of Quebec.

Through these exchanges, bonds are formed, stories are shared, and two realities meet. Ambassadors from the south discover the cultural richness and deep connection to the land of northern communities. Similarly, those from the north explore the nuances of the south, learn about its challenges, and discover the diversity of its heritage.

The Plan Us invites us to try to connect to one another for a new mutual understanding of the issues related to land conservation.

These encounters transcend geographical distances, awakening a collective awareness of the need to preserve our lands. Ambassadors, imbued with the teachings of the other, become dedicated guardians, advocates for culture, and protectors of the territory.

Their mission is to share their experiences and new knowledge with their communities, notably through conferences.


The work of SNAP Quebec

The Plan Us is an initiative of SNAP Quebec made possible through the collaboration of its Indigenous partners and with the support of the Quebec Wildlife Foundation.

The program is part of a larger approach to territory protection in collaboration with the Kativik Regional Administration (ARK), the Quebec government, and local communities. SNAP Quebec is working on the creation of two new national parks (Iluiliq and Baie-aux-Feuilles) as well as the protection of nine consensual territories.

Together, these projects represent the protection of an additional 36,000 km² of natural environments, or 2.4% of the area of Quebec.

The implementation of the Plan Us helps to consolidate the support of local communities for conservation projects north of the 49th parallel.


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