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Help protect our environment, one donation at a time!

Individual donations allow us to remain independent in our conservation work and ensure the long-term effectiveness of our actions.

Monthly donation

The monthly donation has a double advantage, for the donor and for CPAWS Quebec.

For the donor:

  • The monthly donation spreads the effort of contribution: a few dollars per month will weigh less on your budget than an annual donation.
  • Moreover, you have control over your monthly donation: you can modify or cancel your donation whenever you want.
  • You maximize the impact of your support by helping us in the best way possible!

For CPAWS Quebec :

  • Monthly giving is the best way to ensure the effectiveness of our conservation actions in the long term.
  • It is a precious asset for establishing our budgets and it allows us to better plan our work.
  • In addition, it gives us the security to respond to one-time environmental issues and gives us greater responsiveness. The biggest threats often come unexpectedly!

Monthly donations allow us to react to emergencies and better organize ourselves, because we know that each month we can count on your donations.


The annual donation

Valid for one year, this donation is a good way to contribute to CPAWS Quebec's mission. It is often an introduction to the organization.
After this first experience as a member, donors often opt for monthly support.


One of Canada's oldest and largest environmental organizations

Our 57 years of experience and professionalism are recognized in the Charity Intelligence : CPAWS Canada has received the highest distinction with 4 stars every year since 2014.

This independent ranking lists more than 400 charities across Canada, and rates them on several criteria, including financial transparency, reliability to members and cost-effectiveness.

In 2020, CPAWS was ranked in the top 6 environmental organizations in Canada!


CPAWS Quebec is a recipient organization of the 1% fot the Planet.