Connection N

Connection N is an initiative aimed at providing a first experience of immersion in nature for young newcomers to Quebec.

A first outdoor experience in Quebec

SNAP Quebec, the Society of Outdoor Establishments of Quebec (Sépaq), the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation, and the Association of Camps of Quebec have teamed up to create Connection N: a project aimed at providing a first experience in nature for young newcomers in need of nature.

Connection N brings together every September a dozen or so young newcomers to Quebec for three days of immersion activities in nature and discoveries at Mont-Tremblant National Park. The goal of the project: to allow urban youth to connect with nature and give them a great outdoor adventure that will make them appreciate natural environments, ultimately contributing to their protection.

The program includes: camping, hiking, canoeing, cycling, via ferrata, discussions and smiles, three busy days that allow our young participants to have a full range of experiences and discover their host country differently!

Connecting to nature: benefits for our health

Today's young people, especially those living in cities, lack opportunities to have experiences in nature and outdoors, what we call "nature deficit".

Yet, contact with nature is absolutely essential for our well-being and our physical and mental health!

It is scientifically proven that spending time outdoors reduces obesity and concentration and behavior disorders. Furthermore, the lack of connection of young people with nature leads to a lack of awareness, even indifference to the importance of protecting our ecosystems. Paradoxically, this same generation will undoubtedly have to face unprecedented environmental challenges, including the consequences of climate change.


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Discovering your host country differently

With Connection N, we want to give young newcomers the opportunity to connect with nature to discover Quebec from a new angle. Natural environments are an integral part of Quebec culture, and discovering their environment also allows these young people to better know and appropriate their host country.

In addition, access to outdoor equipment and parks is not given to all young newcomers who live in urban areas. We want to give these high school students the chance to have a first unique experience of immersion in nature.

By discovering Quebec nature and learning to love it, these young people can thus become real outdoor enthusiasts and ambassadors for the protection of nature!

Connection N is a project set up following the Thanks to Nature event which takes place on Thanksgiving Sunday. Indeed, a part of the donations collected during the Thanks to Nature campaign each year is allocated to the Connection N project.

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