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Tursujuq National Park and the Nastapoka River

A protected area of 26 000 km2


With an area of over 26 000 km2, Tursujuq is the largest provincial park in Canada and the largest protected area in eastern North America.

The creation of this national park in 2013 was cause for great celebration at CPAWS Quebec: after so many years of mobilization alongside the Cree and Inuit communities and the Kativik Regional Government (KRG), our collective effort was finally paying off!

Tursujuq National Park safeguards a vast wilderness ecosystem, including the Nastapoka River, a traditional meeting place for Indigenous families, and home to a unique population of freshwater seal and Atlantic salmon.

CPAWS Quebec has frequently participated in public consultations regarding the status of the freshwater harbour seal and the creation of Tursujuq Park. In addition, we have promoted the protection of the Nastapoka though a sizable public awareness campaign, which saw citizens sending over a thousand letters to the government.

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Le parc national Tursujuq et la rivière Nastapoka

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