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Péribonka river

Located in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, the Péribonka River is a true natural jewel in Quebec. This land, frequented by First Nations for thousands of years, features immense cliffs and old-growth forests that are home to endangered species such as the woodland caribou.

Why protect this place?

The Péribonka River, the largest tributary of Lac Saint-Jean, is located on the traditional territory of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation, which has frequented it since time immemorial. Its name, pelipaukau, means “river channelling into the sand, where the sand moves,” which speaks to its rocky escarpments, immense cliffs and ancient forests, reminiscent of the majestic scenery of a fjord. One can even find yellow birch tree specimens, of which the largest documented in eastern North America is estimated to be over 350 years old.

This magnificent territory features a rich biodiversity, but it also has endangered species such as the woodland caribou, and iconic but threatened species such as the bald eagle. Beyond making nature and adventure lovers happy, a recreational tourism project centred on the nautical course of the river could bring a new economic dynamic to the region.

Given the forestry industry’s pressure and the widespread threats of devastating logging, CPAWS Quebec and several environmental and regional stakeholders, such as the Comité de Sauvegarde la Rivière Péribonka (CSRP), are working to create a protected area that will safeguard the visual aspect of the river corridor.

In September 2021, following a major mobilization of environmental groups and citizens, the Quebec government announced the cancellation of logging operations. 

Key information

Unique place with cliffs up to 600m and old growth forests home to the largest 350 year old yellow birch in eastern North America

Creation of a protected area enhanced by a recreational and tourism project based on the river's nautical course

Protection of a biodiversity reservoir and species at risk such as the woodland caribou

Preservation of the territory regularly threatened by the forestry industry and its logging projects

CPAWS Quebec’s work

CPAWS Quebec has been working for many years with the Comité de Sauvegarde de la Rivière Péribonka and other partners to permanently protect this natural jewel.

CPAWS Quebec supports this important initiative by providing official support, by tirelessly mobilizing regional and provincial stakeholders during public consultations to oppose logging, and by organizing media outings and policy meetings to promote the protected area project to the general public and decision makers.

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Protect the Péribonka river

The Péribonka River is regularly threatened. You can act to protect it. 


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