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Iluiliq and Baie-aux-Feuilles

Situated in Quebec’s far north, in the Nunavik region (ᓄᓇᕕ), these two park projects would protect several thousand kilometres of tundra and wetlands, key species such as muskoxen and others, and places of biocultural importance to the surrounding Inuit communities.

Why protect this place?

CPAWS Quebec's conservation projects include establishing two national parks, Iluiliq and Baie-aux-Feuilles. Protecting these areas will safeguard a remarkable biocultural diversity, in addition to rare ecosystems, while blocking industrial activity and ensuring that the water quality of the watersheds is maintained.

The Baie-aux-Feuilles park project protects a muskox herd unique in Quebec, with 7 species likely to be designated threatened or vulnerable, and 52 species possibly at risk or sensitive. The Iluiliq Park valley plays an important role in regulating the region’s climate. These projects also involve freshwater wetland habitats, including peat bogs with a high carbon storage capacity.

Key information

Numerous rare or sensitive wildlife and plant species, including a population of musk oxen unique in Quebec

Potential gain of 6,633 km2 of protected natural environments

CPAWS Quebec’s work

In collaboration with the Kativik Regional Government (KRG), the Quebec government and local communities, CPAWS Quebec is working to support the creation of two new national parks (Iluiliq and Baie-aux-Feuilles). Together, these projects represent the additional protection of more than 6 633 km2 of natural areas.

One of this project’s features is to consolidate the support of local communities by deploying Plan Nous. Plan Nous is part of the Municipal Biodiversity Fund launched by CPAWS Quebec and the Fondation de la faune du Québec in 2017.

Plan Nous aims to create human corridors by arranging for representatives of communities on opposite sides of Quebec (for example, a Nunavik village and the St. Lawrence Valley) to meet. We wish to take advantage of this innovative twinning of communities to promote Nunavik’s parks and the splendour of Quebec’s regions. Twinning lets each ambassador observe issues related to wildlife habitat protection in their host’s region.

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