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In 2024, Quebec’s network of protected areas covers more than 250,000 km2, or around 17% of continental territory and just over 10% of marine and coastal environments.

During the COP15 of December 2022, the government of Quebec agreed to the new global framework on biodiversity and committed to achieving the flagship target of protecting 30% of continental (land and freshwater) and marine and coastal environments by 2030.

To encourage the public and organizations to contribute to achieving this target, the government is launching a call for projects on protected areas in southern public territories, open to all.

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The call for projects

Who can submit a project? 

Any person or organization wishing to protect a natural area on public land in perpetuity can submit a project. 

Eligible territory

Except for the Nord-du-Québec region (administrative region 10), all the public territory of the province is included in this call for projects. This includes continental environments (land and freshwater) as well as marine and coastal environments. 

How to take part? * 

Fill out the the online form: submit an outline of the targeted territory you wish to protect and answer a few questions.  

* The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI) will play a role in mobilising and supporting First Nations in submitting their proposals, as well as in the subsequent stages of the process. For further information, please contact:

What information do I need to submit? 

As part of the call for projects, you must submit (1) the boundaries (approximate or otherwise) of the proposed protected area, (2) a description of your project and (3) a resolution of support from the concerned RCMS for analysis of the project by the RCMs concerned, i.e. those in which the proposed protected area is located.

Note that if you are part of an Indigenous community, obtaining a resolution of support from the Band Council or Board of Directors of an Indigenous organization replaces this obligation.


This map is only available in French. To use this map, you can refer to the user guide (in French).

This map was created from freely accessible government data on the open data portal of Quebec. For the original data, please refer to the following link

SNAP Québec is there to support you

SNAP Québec has been mandated by the government to mobilize the population around the call for projects and to support project leaders who wish to do so in submitting their applications.

You have a project, idea, or questions? Contact us: 
(514) 278-7627

Or consult these available resources:

Resolution model
Socio-economic benefits

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