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On December 7-19, 2022, Montreal will host the 15th conference of the parties on biological diversity, better known as COP15.

Mobilizing to make the need for urgent action apparent to leaders

The CBD and IPBES agree that the loss of biodiversity cannot be stopped or reversed without making substantial changes to the economic system and values of the society.

Together, we must take action to ensure this COP15 will meet the  challenges we are confronted with. We need to unite as many people as possible to succeed.   

Therefore, SNAP Québec is part of a coalition of stakeholders, representing the civil society, striving to work together to put forth concrete and inclusive solutions aimed at pressuring decision-makers into taking action.

CPAWS will be present at COP15 to help out with the main events and to share updates and information with our followers. However, it is only with your support and mobilization that we will succeed in making the need for urgent action apparent to Canada’s leaders.  

We hope Montreal’s COP15 will result in a strong and firm commitment from the Governments of Quebec and Canada to respond to the urgency of protecting nature, specifically by adopting tangible actions aimed at recognizing the rights of Indigenous People, meeting the target of protecting 30% of land and ocean by 2030, protecting species at risk, and ensuring equitable access to nature

The Montreal Call

The Montreal Call